Resin coating for outdoor parking lots and ramps

Coating of floor and walls in a home

Self-leveling, highly mechanical-resistant coating

Dust-free coating for storage rooms

Film coating for industrial rooms

Self-leveling coating suitable to be in contact with food

Ceiling coating with resin

3 mm self-leveling floor

Epoxy resin for screed boards

Epooxy film flooring

Vehicular film coating for multi floor parking lot

Epoxy coating for screed board in the heavy mechanical industry

Self-leveling resin on walls and floor

Bactericide epoxy coating

Suitable system for food

Indoor self-leveling resin

Renovation of old floor before and after the application of a 3mm self-leveling layer of resin


Coating floors and walls with a resin-based product is an ideal solution to improve the surfaces, aesthetically and qualitatively. The surface can be colored with the resin-based product while, at the same time, it is protected from dust, dirt, oils and grease and from bacterial infiltration. The resin is also capable of enhancing specific characteristics of the surface, such as the mechanical or chemical resistance and the suitability for food preparation in accordance with European legislation UNI EN 8636 (resin flooring), UNI 8297 (exact wording) and UNI 8298-xx (characteristics and performance) and Italian legislation on interior and exterior non-slip surfaces B.C.R.A. Rep. CEC./8, D.M. 14 June 1989 n° 236 art. 8.2.2 and D.L. 81/2008 Art. 63 classifications DIN 51130 R 09-13.

Cleaning the coated surfaces is even easier than before with both dry vacuum cleaning or by using aggressive detergents and appropriate equipment.

When the floor is weathered or ruined, the organic epoxy coatings can improve its mechanical characteristics, restoring the aesthetics and the static elements to its initial — or even superior — condition.



Roofs, balconies, coverings, tubs, basement walls, pools and parking lots … there are many structures that need waterproofing to protect them from moisture and chemical or water infiltrations.

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The key to solving long-lasting issues in peculiar environments, specific structures or with difficult material is to know how the resin will react to the situation and to calibrate the formula appropriately.

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