Since 1980, PMC has installed high quality resin coatings on a variety of surfaces, such as floors and walls, both in Italy and abroad. The PMC chemical laboratory researches, engineers and produces resins capable of satisfying any request. Innovative technologies and materials, along with efficient and highly modern equipment, enable PMC to achieve and guarantee professional quality services in all aspects of the project.

Because we understand the complexity of managing a site, PMC analyses each project in detail to identify the best solution to obtain stable, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results.

Once the project has been defined, PMC manages each stage of the job, from production to application of the resin, from restoration to maintenance of the site.

The professional qualities which make PMC such a solution catalyst are our dynamic organization and our deep network of collaborators. These allow PMC to satisfy requests that go beyond the core activity of resin coating: for example, PMC’s moisture barrier, primers, dust coatings, coatings that are highly resilient to chemicals and UV rays, luminescent horizontal and vertical signage, certified coatings for the food industry. Added to these are PMC’s shiny, opaque and non-slip coatings, underwater systems, antistatic materials, resin waterproof, elastic and vehicular coatings for tarmac.

The employees of PMC, in addiction to safety courses, they have the certifications of work at height, on mobile platforms, spaces bordering and DPI III cat. Also they periodically attend refresher courses such as polyurea, structural reinforcements with carbon fiber, waterproofing liquid membranes and hot spray, repairs reinforcement and protection of wastewater treatment plants.

Safety, suitability and environmental protection are the cornerstones of PMC work and a reason for our distinction within the industry.