[vc_row][vc_column][layerslider_vc id=”13″][vc_custom_heading text=”PMC PRODUCTS” font_container=”tag:h1|text_align:left” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]In 35 years of business, the PMC lab has created a wide range of innovative materials, all based on the needs of the clients or of the specific job.

Among the most utilized:

READS pure linking epoxy resin for structural bonds. RECRE FOND epoxy primer. RECRE 700 epoxy composite self-leveling for floor coatings. RECRE pure epoxy coating with high chemical and mechanical resistance. IDROREP MC waterproofing resin based on siloxane polymers and detergent AC33 in an acidic environment, for preparation of concrete surfaces. REPOVAT water-based epoxy primer. WASSEREPOX GB breathable epoxy coating in water emulsion. REPOWAT 700 water-based self-leveling epoxy resin for floorings. TURAPOX epoxy, shaving sealer. RECRE FOND ZINC epoxy anti-corrosion primer for iron surfaces. CATRAPOX epoxy tar coating for thick edges. CATRAPOX S epoxy tar coating for thin edges. REPOL polyurethane varnish for outdoor paving. REPOL CL1 elastomeric, polyurethane self-leveling coating. REPOL PLUS polyurethane coating for under water sites. RIVEPAL pure epoxy coating for surfaces in contact with food. RESOL solvent based epoxy resin for thin edges. SILICAL silicate-based, self-hardening, no sublimation resin. SCRACTH RESISTANT PROTECTING FILM clear polyurethane resin for floor finishing. EPOCOL STUCCO epoxy thixotropic adhesive, to shave and glue. EPOSUB GSV underwater epoxy stucco. CONDUCTIVE PRIMER AS primer. CONDUCTIVE AUTOPAV AS self-leveling coating for antistatic paving. CA 64 SEALER elastomeric resin for vehicular floor joints. RESISAN epoxy bactericidal resin for surfaces in contact with food.

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