Specific services for breeders and nurseries

  • Free on-site diagnosis of support conditions, analysis of the stresses to which floors are subjected, and development of the most suitable solutions, even ad-hoc solutions for particular needs (e.g. chemical resistance, shorter drying times, special waterproofing needs).
  • Drafting of complete project offers with all the details needed to understand the working phases (e.g. processing phases, analytical costs, installation times, guarantees and material technical datasheets).
  • Fast implementation of solution with PMC qualified and up-to-date personnel (especially in the security field).
  • Maximum hourly and daily flexibility to work during holidays, weekends, plant downtimes, night hours.
  • Minimization of down time for barn activities.
  • Use of PMC- or other leading company-certified products.
  • Planned maintenance activities.
  • On-site flexibility and process adaptation due to unforeseen conditions (e.g. change of materials or work cycles, re-programming of work phases)
  • Ad-hoc sampling, on-site testing.
  • Assistance for cleaning and maintenance of resin coatings.
  • Maximum convenience in price-performance ratio.