Specific services for construction companies

  • Free consulting for domestic and foreign tenders
  • Analysis of tender specifications and development of alternative solutions with equivalent performance, focusing on eco-friendly, water-based solutions or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials.
  • On-site inspections and diagnosis of the support conditions.
  • Study and formulation of solutions for each specific requirement (e.g. chemical resistance, safety, drying times).
  • Drafting of complete project offers with all the details needed to understand the working phases (e.g. processing phases, analytical costs, installation times, guarantees and material technical datasheets).
  • Use of PMC- or other leading companies’ certified products
  • Use of PMC staff and qualified personnel.
  • Guarantee of speedy execution of the project at both national and international level, thanks to experience gained in the management of demanding construction sites.
  • Constant presence on-site of a project technical supervisor.
  • On-site flexibility and process adaptation due to unforeseen conditions (e.g. change of materials or work cycles, re-programming of work phases).
  • Ad hoc sampling, on-site testing.
  • Maximum convenience in price-performance ratio.